About Us

Pakistan Properties is a dynamic and innovative Real Estate Marketing Company, devoted to work for Estate Developers who need to Reach & Engage Pakistanis living around the globe. We Specialize in the envisioning, design, marketing and sale of Residential and Commercial, DHA 9 Town, DHA File, real estate. Our mission is to connect our clients to new customers in the most effective ways.

Pakistan Properties was established in 2007.This company was formed keeping in mind the growing desires of the people and the demand to owe own house. No one better than us could have capture the dreams and requirements of the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan Properties we are committed to developing projects modified to the needs of the market and the expectations of our clients and partners, whilst at the same time enriching these projects with our vision, aims, and values.

In conclusion, Please allow our extensive knowledge of real estate and our experienced staff to assist you with whatever your needs may be. From rentals to property management, we are fully equipped to handle all of your real estate needs.

With 8 Years of Professional experience we take pride in having the highest performance level in our industry. We set Standards and are committed to being world class by our professional attitude, cutting edge marketing tools, our unparalleled team of qualified agents, and the ability to provide exceptional service to our clients.